NB!!! AIC token is now listed on IDEX. Please, do not buy AIC from YoBit exchange. Akaiito team hasnt been giving permission to YoBit for any AIC listing. We are investigating the situation. Dear Akaiito Community! ICO is finished! Collected amount: 1 256 701 AIC

Online Market

Online Market

Online Market will enable to convert cryptocurrency into real products.

Akaiito Online Market will be platform, where users can sell and buy different types of products. Base for all the deals will be Smart Contract following interests of both parties. Payment method for all the deals will be cryptocurrency.


  1. Seller is creating seller account on Akaiito platform and listing items for sale.
  2. Seller is setting the price for items including additional costs*. Price can be either fixed** or floating***.*Additional costs: Buyers want to know all of their costs up front, including postage and handling. Be sure to include all of the associated costs, such as postage costs. Seller can as well make an item available only to buyers within his/her country and state this clearly in the listing. If Seller is making an item available to buyers outside his/her country, then it is important to also include international postage costs.**Fixed price – certain price which will not change regardless of price rates on the market.

    ***Floating price – price will be connected to exchange and will be changing according to the rate. Price will get locked at the moment, when buyer will book an item. Important: risk of price decrease or increase according to exchange adjustments should be taken into account.

  3. Buyer when choosing the item is booking it.
  4. After item is booked by the buyer tokens are getting booked in Smart Contract in full value, only tokens of postage costs are sent to Seller.
  5. Seller is sending delivery to the buyer. Should be used carrier company using QR code system for delivery confirmation. Akaiito will provide recommendations of preferable for the use carrier companies.
  6. When buyer is getting the delivery and confirming the deal by scanning QR code, purchase tokens are getting released and transferred to the seller.

Important: If QR code won’t be scanned, delivery will be send back to the seller. In that case seller will get own product back and tokens for postal spending’s (has been transferred earlier) plus compensation. Buyer will get left amount of tokens (excluding postal spending’s and compensation for seller) back.

During production principles of work can change with the purpose of making platform the most comfortable, safe and trustworthy.


Principles & functioning

  • Taxation. Taxation will happen accordingly to legislation of user country of location.
  • Reviewing. Review and score system will be applicable both for buyers and for sellers.
  • Blocking. Online market AKAIITO will categorically adhere to strict policy what comes to blocking of illegal goods and dishonourable users, what will give to other users safety feeling.
  • Cheaper goods. Retail selling of units with the price till 10 AIC: allowed to everyone.
  • Expensive goods. Seller need to improve rating by getting positive review/score after every confirmed and closed deal. Score should be not less than 7 points out of 10, only such level scores will be taken into account for general positive rating of the seller. Every 5 positive scores not less than 7 points are giving an opportunity to expose selling of more expensive goods, by principle 5 points = +/-5 AIC for maximum allowed price for the selling goods.
  • Rating improvement. Options of getting positive rating for an opportunity to sell more expensive items:
  1. Selling cheaper items from the beginning
  2. Selling more expensive goods, but with maximum allowed price point. Good price point can be a good surprise for the buyers, who will definitely reward You with good score and positive review.
  • Transactions. All transactions will be done in AIC token. For convenience use there will be provided built-in calculator, which will show value of price in any other currency based on current exchange rate.