NB!!! AIC token is now listed on IDEX. Please, do not buy AIC from YoBit exchange. Akaiito team hasnt been giving permission to YoBit for any AIC listing. We are investigating the situation. Dear Akaiito Community! ICO is finished! Collected amount: 1 256 701 AIC

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the minimum investment?

0,005 ETH, lower transactions will not count and you will not get any refund.

What are the bonuses for investors?

For big investments will be used ladder system of bonuses.
Bigger investment amount – bigger percent of ac-crued
bonuses (bonuses are calculated from in-vestment
• 10-50 ETH: bonus 1%
• 51-100 ETH: bonus 2%
• 100 – 150 ETH: bonus 3%
• 151 – 200 ETH: bonus 5%
• 201 – 300 ETH: bonus 8%
• 301 – 1000 ETH: bonus 10%
• 1001 – 1500 ETH: bonus 15%
• 1501 ETH and more : bonus 20%

Can US citizens buy AIC token?

Yes, cause AIC token is utility token. If You are US citizen and not sure can You buy AIC token or not, then please consult with legal authorities of Your country.

Can I send ETH from my exchange wallet?

No! Do not send ETH from any exchange wallet as you may not be able to receive your AIC tokens.

What currencies do you accept for payment during Pre-ICO and ICO?


Future plans

Will you implement bancor systems?

Yes, we are planning to implement bancor system in the future, cause it can simplify interaction between user and smart contract on platform.

What is the future of your token?

AIC is utility token, which has own value what will rise with system development and popularity. Using AIC token you can buy items, services and rent on Akaiito platform. Also you can trade it on exchange markets and earn profit.

Are you going to be listed in exchanges?

Yes, we will, after ICO. We will announce final list of exchanges when all final agreements will be reached.

How are you going to be profitable? How are you going to generate the profit for Founders?

Revenue for the founders will be 2% fee, which will be in use of Akaiito platform (3% of fee – 1% of cash back = 2% fee in the end)

About Akaiito

Can i pay on platform only with AIC tokens?

Yes, currency of payment will be AIC token. You can pay as well with other crypto currencies, they will be automatically transferred to AIC tokens on platform.

Where Akaiito comes from?

Akaiito comes from Estonia.

In which country Akaiito will be launched?

Akaiito will be worldwide platform, it means that within the time we will enter all continents and countries where are living crypto holders.

Will both parts of the deal be users or user to enterprise?

Akaiito is C2C (customer to customer) business model, so there will be only user to user relations.

What currencies do you accept for payment during Pre-ICO and ICO?

ICO: All currencies (Fiat included)

Who are your main competitors?

So far we don’t see competitors for Akaiito in crypto world, cause majority of projects are implementing only one part of Akaiito. We are more relating Akaiito with fiat platforms, such as: EBay, AirBnb, AliExpress, Car2Go, Fiverr.

AIC Token

What will you do with unsold tokens?

We wont have unsold tokens. The logic of our smart contract is following:

When users are buying AIC token, it is getting created at the same time and as well transferred to buyer wallet.

For what period of time teams part of tokens will be vested?

Teams part (15%) will be vested for half a year.

How can I contribute and buy your tokens?

You should have Etherium wallet with balance on it. In order to participate, you first have to accept the terms & conditions. After that you click on ‘CONTRIBUTE’. Payment will be done using smart contract. You will get AIC to your wallet according to proper day price and conditions.

What is your Tiker?