NB!!! AIC token is now listed on IDEX. Please, do not buy AIC from YoBit exchange. Akaiito team hasnt been giving permission to YoBit for any AIC listing. We are investigating the situation. Dear Akaiito Community! ICO is finished! Collected amount: 1 256 701 AIC

Use cryptocurrency in everyday life

Akaiito – use cryptocurrency
in everyday life”

ICO is finished !

Collected amount:

1  256 701 AIC

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About our project

P2P platform using C2C business model

AKAIITO is P2P platform using C2C business model. Akaiito will unite 4 parts: Online Market, Rent (cars and apartments), Services and Online Map. Base for all the deals will be Smart Contract. Currency for payments on platform is AIC token.

Join Akaiito, platform of the future, which enables You to use Your crypto holdings in normal life.

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Online Market Process

Online Market Process

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Meet Some Of


Business Department

Sergey Brek


Katja Krolova


Denis Kanavin


Andrei Tšerednik


Zahar Deina

Blockchain Expert

Technical Department

Vladislav Garbuzenko

Lead Developer

Serhii Yelchenko

Project Manager

Aleksandr Rakutin

Senior Developer

Tamara Bazylko

QA Engineer

Bohdan Novikov

Web Developer

Marketing Department

Ksenia Deina

Marketing Manager

Eduard Shultzik

Marketing Manager

Dmitriy Polozkov


Muhammad Netto


Alexandr Karmyzov


Advisory Board

Francesco Redaelli

Francesco Redaelli is Co-Founder and VP of Business Development of “Koinsquare”, the first Italian community around the blockchain with more than +2500 members (private investors and common people who fell in love with the blockchain revolution). He also recently joined as Advisor inside some ICOs such as Friendz, Volans,  and finally also Akaiito.

Deniss Boroditš

Deniss Boroditš is Estonian politician, member of XIII Riigikogu (unicameral parliament of Estonia). Deniss is already 15 years in politics. Estonia has been always in front yard what comes to tech developments and innovations support. Deniss is one of the young generation of politicians who is turning Estonia into such innovation friendly countries.

Filip Poutintsev

Filip Poutintsev is an entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in online industry and a business consultant. His specialties are affiliate and direct marketing, start-ups and new innovations. Filip is especially good at thinking outside of the box, solving problems and finding alternative ways to operate. Currently he’s acting as advisor for several ICO projects.

Romain Girbal

Romain Girbal is serial entrepreneur and investor, has an extensive African business experience and expertise in sectors such as mining (CEO of www.amrbauxite.com), e-commerce (co-founder of www.afrimalin.com), top up transfer (board member and investor of www.senditoo.com), but as well in the e-health sector (board member and investor of www.urgencedocteurs.com). Romain is very active in crypto-currency world and a strong believer that blockchain is reshaping the world. He graduated from HEC Paris Business school.

Thibault Launay

Thibault Launay is a serial entrepreneur with ventures in a Europe and Africa spanning a number of sectors including e-commerce (CEO and cofounder of Afrimalin.com, a leading online classifieds business in 8 African countries). He also serves as an advisor to Senditoo.com, an international mobile top-up business. He has a deep understanding of e-commerce strategy and is also a Crypto-enthusiast. Thibault has a Masters degree in asset management/finance from Paris Dauphine University.

Victor Chow

CEO of Aristagora International is a well-known ICO advisor, investor and fundraiser.
Victor Chow is a serial entrepreneur and senior corporate leader with over 28 years experience working in venture capital, start-ups, telecommunications, ICT, financial & blockchain technologies, and most recently turned business investor.
He was previously the Founding CEO of Singapore-based Fintech Accelerator INSPIRASIA and was Head of Asia for Life.


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