NB!!! AIC token is now listed on IDEX. Please, do not buy AIC from YoBit exchange. Akaiito team hasnt been giving permission to YoBit for any AIC listing. We are investigating the situation. Dear Akaiito Community! ICO is finished! Collected amount: 1 256 701 AIC

Crypto Job


Based on Smart contract

  1. Service seller is posting his ad and designating price for own service.
  2. Buyer is ordering the service. Based on smart contract tokens of buyer are getting booked in full amount, but transaction is not completing until work is done.
  3. After job is done, service seller is scanning QR code from the buyer (on AKAIITO platform). That action is confirming, that deal is done.
  4. Booked tokens are transferred to service seller and deal is closed.
  5. In case of outsource services process is the same. One difference: instead of QR scan on the last stage of the deal confirmation of service fullfilment need to be confirmed on AKAIITO platform.


NB! Seller has an opportunity to settle a system of pre pay. In particular: to settle percentage, which should be paid before delivering the service.

During production principles of work can change with the purpose of making platform the most comfortable, safe and trustworthy.

Online services

Online market of services will be irreplaceable platform for those, who needs help
of specialists and for those, who can provide this help.

  • Service. The main idea of this part of AKAIITO: by services are meant all kind of works, starting from hairdresser and ending with lawyer. Thanks to this part of AKAIITO platform a lot of people will be able to find needed help in any field of life.
  • Categories. Services will be divided on categories for more convenient search.
  • Taxation. Taxation will happen accordingly to user country of location legislation.
  • Price. Token rate will be fixed for the moment when buyer is agreeing to buy the good. Seller can designate fixed price or floating price, based on exchange (risk of price decrease or increase according to exchange adjustments should be taken into account).
  • Reviewing. Reviews System will be related for users offering services same way as for users ordering services.
  • Blocking. Online market of services AKAIITO will categorically adhere to strict policy what comes to blocking of illegal services and dishonourable users, what will give to other users safety feeling.