Market is feverishing from different kind of negative news. But everyone clearly understands that this is just temporary stagnation and exactly right now it is correct time to buy with the good downhill price and to invest. Almost all giant media sources are forbidding ads and claiming that it is done to protect customers from investing to not trustworthy projects. This is how it is stated. But why then all fields of e-commerce are not filtered the same way? Why the same protective attitude is not applied to, for example, casino business, where all depends on pure luck and investments are risky in 100% of cases? Maybe because announced reasoning is not 100% truth? Maybe the reason is fear, fear in front of new growing industry? Fear in front of appeared technologies, fear in front of new and progressive companies, which can become strong competitors for already existing monopolies?
Cryptocurrency payments are going around the banks, but still to transfer crypto currencies to fiat money banks can not be avoided. Why then banks can be possibly afraid of crypto world? The trick is, that new strong projects are enabling the use of crypto currency and therefore the need of transferring to fiat is disappearing. So this is the danger what banks probably see in crypto world and blockchain technology projects.
Successful implementation of new appearing projects will strengthen crypto economics and fuel it with new energy. Projects need support of crypto community, crypto community needs projects full roll out. There is one and the same goal for all of us. Only together we are mighty. The development of crypto world and the future of crypto economics is depending on all of us. Lets make crypto tomorrow bright together!