What is the moment, when team is realizing, that project started to wide spread? When comes that moment, when project developers understand, that it went public and it is spreading? In the moment when is coming realization: “we need to systematize it all!”. “It all” — all offers and questions, ideas and suggestions.

Today is exactly 11th day since we went public and we have the moment of “need to systematize!”.

Therefore, we would love to present You overview of Akaiito departments team leaders and their areas of competences:

Sergey Brek / Founder : [email protected]

Questions why to contact: early investments, ideas and feedback about Akaiito

Katja Krolova / CEO: [email protected]

Question why to contact: partnership suggestions, CV (if want to join Akaiito team)

Denis Kanavin / Business Developer: [email protected]

Question why to contact: investments, ideas about Akaiito

Vladislav Garbuzenko / Lead Developer: [email protected]

Question why to contact: all technical questions

Eduard Shultzik / SMM: [email protected]

Questions why to contact: marketing offers

All other and general questions: Akaiito Community chat in Telegram — https:// t.me/akaiito_community

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