Green numbers on exchanges and trending up curve definitely made this day much more positive. It was very needed after last couple days of panic, depression and in some critical cases almost funerals for the crypto. There is immediately the feeling of wake up in crypto community: more positive vibes, hopes are coming back and panic is slowly starting to back up.

Supporting positive change in the moods today several crypto experts have predicted very promising prognosis for year 2018. Experts forecasted to CNBCtoday, that the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies could reach $1 trillion for the end of this year.

Jamie Burke, CEO at Outlier Ventures, Europe’s first Blockchain-based incubator, told CNBC that the predicted bull run will be followed by a general settling down of the market:

“We believe after February the market will likely go on a bull run comparative if not greater than last year potentially reaching the trillion-dollar mark before a proper crypto winter sets in where the market becomes more focused on proper market fundamentals.”

Crypto is started to be such a normal part of our life, that it is already living by normal life and economical cycle rules: after the peak will be the drop, after the drop will come the peak.

Do not panic, look at the big picture! — that is the best cure from getting frustrated in low market moment. We are recovering.

One more positive point for the good mood increase: 4 days to Akaiito Pre ICO start!

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