Akaiito, blockchain based platform which will become crypto EBay, AirBnb and much much more, is glad to announce, that we secured an additional 90 ETH for Akaiito development from private investors round.

Akaiito will become a platform of the future, uniting in itself:

  • Online Market – crypto EBay
  • Rent – crypto AirBnb and CarSharing
  • Services – crypto Fiverr
  • Online Map – crypto TripAdvisor and crypto Google Maps

Akaiito is running as well Pre ICO until 25.02.2018 with very attractive bonus: 60%. It is Your moment to get on board with the project of the future, which will bring strong benefits to smart first investors.

More support we get, stronger we grow, faster Akaiito development will move, sooner AIC coin will become a strong player!

“Zero investment gets zero return.” Rule of life. Make an investment to get the return!