The idea. The very first step of every project. The most important step of every project. How it is born? In a popular sense, an idea arises in a reflexive, spontaneous manner, even without thinking or serious reflection. A new or original idea can often lead to innovation. 

Idea by itself is alive. Once it has born it is starting to change, to develop, to improve and to grow up. Initial Idea by itself is very important not because it should be 100% right and implemented exactly same way as it was born, but initial idea is important, because there should be the right base in it. Fundamentals of the idea, its foundation should be right, bright and needed in existing world. Details of the idea will change with the time, will get better and better, but there should be the core around which everyhing is turning. 

Of course, it is impossible to say, that all good, right and very much needed ideas will become a projects. There are a lot of challenges and obstacles on the way of that turn around. But if to take magical mix of right idea + committed team, then there will be only one unstoppable, inevitable outcome: strong, long term living, life changing project. 

Resources, investments, support, cooperations … can be found, if idea and believe of the team are strong and right!

We would like to introduce to Your attention the story how Akaiito idea have been born: