There are a lot of companies in the world: small ones, big ones, medium sized, huge monsters. What makes some companies special from others? Why some companies are having some special recognition?

Some companies are having some special connection with own customers and users. Why is it so? Connection by its nature means the state of being related to someone or something else. So, basically someone or something should be in relations to have a connection. Users and customers are in close relations with the company. This kind of relations are always beneficial for both parts. For users it mean, that company will take care of them as much as possible, by taking in feedback, developing own services/products to become better, offering better prices to loyal customers and etc. For the company it means loyal customers and therefore mass adoption and long term prosperity.

How to start to build up such relations? What can be the first step? Of course, to be in relations, people need to have a trust. So everything what comes to trustworthiness should be number one priority for the company who is aiming for such relations with its customers.

Akaiito is evaluating trust between customer and company as the main goal, which company should aim for, when it is established.

First rule of trust: do not lie and do not give misleading information. This is exactly why Akaiito is not giving out, for example, the names of exchanges before the final agreement is reached, cause this information would be misleading.

Second rule of trust: be open minded. Company should be ready for the discussions, should want to talk with users/customers and get feedback (both: positive and constructive).

As Akaiito is already working fully by implementing first rule, so we decided to move forward to second one. We already fully and always available in the social media and open for any discussions & questions, but we want to go further and do webinar session between Akaiito team and Akaiito users. We hope, that community will find this idea interesting and we will have full house during webinar 🙂

Soon we will inform community about certain date and time for webinar. Now we are aiming to have it approximately after 1.5-2 weeks.

Soon we will meet! 🙂

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