We are super excited to start cooperation with one of the most creative design companies: Art-Lemon, whose slogan is “ We turn technologies and design into a solution for business needs”.

Art-Lemon team consists of 58 talented people, they have done 350+ projects and having 5 years of experience behind the back.

Check their official web page to get the same inspired as Akaiito Team got, when we first time saw it: https://art-lemon.com/en/

A lot of great works, a lot of “wow” moments, but the most outstanding projects by Akaiito Team opinion has been:

  1. Tesla project: https://art-lemon.com/en/tesla
  2. Steak shop: https://art-lemon.com/en/stake-shop
  3. Desart design art decor: https://art-lemon.com/en/desart

Art-Lemon is starting to work with Akaiito platform mock-up and it will come to public after max. 3 weeks. Follow Akaiito news to see it first! 🙂

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