What is important to understand when building up a company? Not only to understand, but as well to accept as absolutely inevitable process: there is nothing permanent except change. Why it is important to understand, realise and to accept? For organised people, who loves structure and planning, it is sometimes very hard to be flexible with and to correct their perfect plans. But the truth is: none of the plan is perfect if it is not capable to smoothly go through the changes. Fast growing world, fast growing industry is bringing us to permanently changing society and permanently changing needs. Changes means, that company is catching up with worlds development and following the needs of market, customers and users. So it is extremely important to accept that changes are good and needed, they lead to project development, they serve users in better way and they are improving the company by itself.

After analysing the market and community behaviour, Akaiito came up with following changes: we would like to announce slight change in ICO timeline. ICO start and therefore end will be shifted for 3 days. ICO will start on 13.03.2018 10:00 UTC and will end on 18.04.2018 10:00 UTC.

Before ICO we will as well have Special Token Sale. Only users registered in WhiteList can participate in Special Token Sale with special personal bonus offer. All detailed information will be provided directly by e-mail to all registered users.